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Texas Mountain Bike Trails

Welcome to the largest and most accurate online directory of mountain bike trails in the state of Texas. If a trail exists that allows fat, knobby tires you will findSansom Park, Fort Worth here. 

Note: only lists legitimate trails. We do NOT list bandit trails. If a trail we have listed is not a legal place to ride, please notify us immediately and we will look into it.

You may find that some of the trail listings are missing information. If you know what goes in the blank(s) or if what we have is inaccurate, please let us know so that we can continue to provide the most up-to-date information available.

The map below is divided into the seven regions that make up the state of Texas. Region 1 - Panhandle Plains Region 2 - Prairies & Lakes Region 3 - Piney Woods Region 4 - Gulf Coast Region 5 - South Texas Plains Region 6 - Hill Country Region 7 - Big Bend Country Texas map divided into 7 Regions

To view a region's list of trails click on that region of the map. We use these regions throughout the Texas pages to make it easier to locate information for your region, or the region you are interested in.


No idea which region of Texas a certain trail is in? No problem! Click here for our complete list of mountain bike friendly trails, parks, and ranches.

Map courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department © 2008


Click here to add all of our Texas trail locations to your GPS!

In the event that you do not find a particular trail listed on our site there are a few possible explanations:

  1. We must have overlooked it.
    (if this is the case, please request we add the trail using the New/Review Trail form),
  2. You call it something we have never heard of, or
  3. It doesn't really exist...maybe someone lied to you, maybe you dreamt about it last night, maybe it's closed, we don't know. Either way, feel free to tell us about it.