Flat Rock Ranch
 Comfort, TX

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26 miles




Official map (2011)
Elevation Profile (Lower Loop)  |  Elevation Profile (Upper Loop)

$7/person/day use only
$10/person camping/riding
Annual passes also available
Note: children ages 0-12 with adult ride/camp for FREE

Lower Loop | No Sweat Loop | Upper Loop

• Restroom
• Showers
• Primitive camping sites
• Bed and Bike

Flat Rock Ranch website

(830) 995-2858 after 7:00 p.m. or leave message
(210) 213-3006 after 5:00 p.m. or leave message
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• Trails are closed November and December (hunting season) and reopen January 1st
• No Sweat Loop is a 5-mile beginner-friendly loop

Root Awakening Celebrating making it over Root Awakening Overlooking the ranch Pipeline Hill Another scenic overlook
Cruisin' along during the 2nd Annual Rubber Chicken Round-up At Flat Rock Ranch, the singletrack just seems to go on forever Abby's Tree (Lower Loop) Good ol' Ivan (Lower Loop) A rather tame section of Ivan
Pick your poison... If you chose Expert, be ready for this Going the Expert route also lets you take on The Rock Head through the gate at Hospital Hill and you are almost at the end Descending Mad Bomber on the Upper Loop
An always welcome obstacle along the Upper Loop
Click here for photos from the 2nd Annual Sanctioned Rubber Chicken Round-up


  This place is a must ride for anyone within driving distance! Although I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, with the exception of the No Sweat Loop, intermediate and advanced riders will love it! Packed with switchbacks, nice climbs and sweet descents to match, Flat Rock Ranch is a singletrack lover’s playground…just watch out for the cacti and prickly bushes, of course.
  The Lower Loop puts things into perspective early on by butting you side-by-side with sheer drop-offs as the trail winds around. Stay focused or you might end up in a 5-foot wash-out as one in our group did. Sprained ankles suck for a mtb’r. "Pipeline Hill", with its 1900ft elevation, makes for a great spot to take a break and a few scenic photos overlooking the ranch. "Evilworm" is a twisted little section of downhill that will get the first-time rider nervous by its name alone. Shortly after "Evilworm" is a wicked downhill section that you can gain some nice speed on. Just be careful as the trail is somewhat of a rut and a right pedal too low will catch the side – trust me, I know. Although I must say, that was my best Superman impression to date and the reason I will continue to always wear a helmet.
  For some reason I seem to always ride the Lower Loop, so until I change my ways, you'll have to find out about the Upper Loop on your own.
Note: Lower Loop has changed slightly since this review


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Last modified: 3 January 2012