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The MapIt! link allows you to open a GoogleMap to the trail you are viewing. Here you can get driving directions to or from the trail.

All trail lengths are listed in miles. A plus (+) sign denotes that the trail is actually more than the listed length. Most trails that are listed as having a configuration of out and back state one-way. In this case, riding the entire trail would be double the listed length.

How technical a trail is considered, rated 1-5.

1 - Easy
- Usually short distances and smooth surfaces (suitable for novice riders, including kids). Typically crushed granite or paved trails.

2 - Beginner
- Possibly some rocks, winding sections, and some elevation change. Generally, these are beginner-friendly for the most part.

3 - Intermediate
- Expect some or all of the following: rocks, tight, twisting trail, steep ups and downs, drops/ledges, and climbing.

4 - Advanced
- Expect more speed and/or technical riding in the form of rocks and drops, longer climbs, fast downhills, and plenty of opportunity for self-inflicted bodily and bike harm.

5 - Expert
- use your imagination

The type of trail expected for most of the ride. Categories include:

Singletrack - Trail wide enough for only one person or bike at a time. Varies from a couple inches to a couple feet in width.
Doubletrack - Generally a pair of singletrack side-by-side (such as the path worn by vehicle tires).
Wide path - A non-paved path that is wide enough for more than one person or bike at a time. Often mistakenly referred to as doubletrack.
Jeep trail - Similar to a ranch road but typically more difficult to traverse. Usually requires a 4x4 vehicle (if you were driving).
Rails-to-Trails - Abandoned railways that have been converted for use by those who enjoy hiking and/or biking. Often a wide path.
Paved path, ranch road, and beach - Self-explanatory.

This is the layout of the trail. Trail configurations include:

Loop or multiple loops - You start and end at the same point.
Out and back - Ride one way and then turn around to return to the start.
Figure 8 - Exactly as the name implies.
Network - Generally consists of multiple trails in various forms making up one trail system.
Various or random - These trails don't fit precisely in either of the first three categories, yet aren't really a network, either.

Links to third party trail maps. Most maps are maintained on this site.
If a link is dead (e.g., Page Not Found error), please let us know.

This is the fee for day use ONLY, though we may list additional fees. Many locations allow for camping and some do not charge full, if any fees, for children. Please check their respective websites for current fees.

If applicable, individual section or trail names of a larger park may be listed here and/or other names the trail may be known by.
If n/a is entered it means either the trail lacks named sections or this information is currently unknown.

Any on-site extras will be listed here. This may include camping, restrooms, boat ramps, etc.

Third-party links to additional information regarding the trail or park, to include videos. When available, the official site for the park or trail will be listed here.

Telephone number(s) and email links will be listed here if they are available. These come in handy to confirm that trails are open and for making reservations if you wish to camp (where available).

The section provides any noteworthy comments specific to the park, ranch or trail.

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For those trails we have personally rode, a review will usually be included here. You are also more than welcome to submit a review using our New Trail/Review form, regardless as to whether a trail or park has been reviewed already or not.