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Contribution Incentives Program (CIP)

The suggestion was made, and made perfect sense to us, to provide incentives for our visitors in order to encourage them to contribute content to

Introducing the Contribution Incentives Program!

How it Works

The way the Incentives Program works is fairly simple. Every item listed on Stuff @ CafePress is assigned a point value. Based on the type of contribution made to, points are then awarded to you to be used to get free stuff. You don't even pay for shipping!


  1. Submit content to and inform us that you wish to participate in the Contribution Incentives Program.
  2. Receive email confirmation within 48 hours that the content was received (we will generally include points earned in the confirmation email based on how much of the content is used).
  3. Once you have earned enough points for a particular incentive you simply contact us to let us know which Incentive you want. We will then confirm your point balance, shipping address, size (if applicable), etc.
  4. We order the item you are redeeming your points for.
    Note: If you order the item yourself, you will not be able to use your points towards the purchase and you will be required to purchase the item directly from CafePress.
  5. Sit back and wait.

Current Awards & Point Values

Contribution Incentives (.pdf)

Contribution Point Values (.pdf)

I'm in! How do I contribute?

The Fine Print

• reserves the right to refuse any user-submitted content, in full or in part. Points will only be awarded for content used on

• The Contribution Incentives Program is open to everyone, regardless of professional association.

• Earned points do not expire.

• Failure to inform of your desire to participate in the Contribution Incentives Program waives any right to any Contribution Points being awarded. You have 48 hours from the time we notify you that we received your contribution to request Contribution Points.

• If you are approached directly by, you may not qualify for points, depending on the contribution.

• Although it may be difficult to confirm, please do not submit another individual's content as your own (e.g., photos, trail reviews, etc.). If it is determined that the content you provided was not yours to contribute or is questionable, your point balance may be reduced to zero, regardless of the point value originally awarded for the content in question. Submission of another individual's content is grounds for removal from the Contribution Incentives Program. In the event that a Contribution Incentive has been received, will request the full purchase price plus shipping from you. Failure to refund the value to will disqualify you from receiving future Contribution Incentives.

• Backorders on listed Contribution Incentives are beyond the control of

• Currently available Contribution Incentives are subject to change, both in availability and design (not all that likely).

• Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your requested Contribution Incentive (it shouldn't take that long, but just in case).

• reserves the right to cancel this program without notice (but I doubt we will).

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Last modified: 3 February 2012